Residential Services

Crack repair: Over time a home's exterior may start showing cracks in the brick or in the mortar joints due to weather or movement under the home. Cracks are an open invitation to water leaks or bugs coming into your home as well as a way for bricks to start coming loose. We specialize in repairing these cracks to make your home safer and more presentable.

Mortar color matching: Being able to match the mortar color on a job whether it's restoration or a new construction is very important us. We have a unique technique of matching mortar colors closest to match the current color. Most of our repairs go almost unnoticeable when the work is completed.
Leaning walls: Leaning brick walls are a common problem in Houston, TX. Whether it's tree roots or shifting under the walls foundation they can be a safety hazard and cause a problem to nearby people and structures. Using a combination of heavy duty piers and jacks, we can stabilize these walls to prevent them from continuing to lean or from falling over.

Loose walls: A lot of times walls can start pulling away from their structure and become loose, causing a big concern. This problem in most cases can be solved by installing fasteners and securing these walls to prevent them from becoming loose again rather than demolishing and rebuilding the wall.

Chimney leaks: After a rainy day customers notice water leaks inside their fireplace. Chimney leaks can be caused by a few cracks or holes in the mortar, to something as simple as re-sealing around the flashing which can lead to future interior problems. Let us inspect your chimney leak to determine the best solution.

Stain work: Brick staining is a method used to match the color of an existing brick or to add a new color to your existing brick. We can color match on a brick repair that wasn't matched properly or simply add a new look such as a white wash.

Brick paver repairs and install: Brick Pavers are a beautiful alternative to having a concrete driveway, patio, or walk way. We can repair pavers if they are loose or need sand between the joints. We also install pavers over existing concrete, or we can build a foundation over dirt if needed.

Loose and missing stones: We can re-install loose/fallen pieces or replacing missing stones with new ones that are a very close match. 

Patios and walkway restoration: Stone patios and walkways can need restoration over time. We provide many options such as repairing loose stones, re-mortaring joints, and also high pressure washing to freshen up the look of your walkway.

Stone Install: We install stone over existing brick or CMU blocks. So whether you're trying to build an Outdoor BBQ/Kitchen or cover your brick in stone, we can make it happen.
Custom builds: 

J.Q. Brick Repairs has the experience and trained specialists to make your custom design come to life. Custom outdoor kitchens, fire-pits, and mailboxes are some of the things we can build, just to name a few. Check out our gallery for more pictures of our custom work.

Other masonry services:

Here is a list of more services we provide - 
- High pressure washing
- Water sealing
- Sealing around windows and flashing
-CMU Installation
- Metal angle support install
- Brick and stone demos
- White wash
- Perimeter brick fences
- Tuck pointing
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